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The NEBO universal clamp mount is a perfect accessory for hunters looking to mount their LED SCOUT hunting lights to long guns and shotguns.  Crafted out of airspace grade aluminum, the clamp mount uses a thumb locking mechanism that requires absolutely no tools for installation.  Either clamp it to your barrel (vented or not) or your scope and get ready to hunt.  

This clamp mount has rubber inserts (already installed) within the clamps to protect your weapon system and your LED hunting light for abrasive marks and scuffs.  

The mount can extend to accommodate flashlights up to 1.25" and has an adjustable tension range from 23.5mm to 32.5mm.  So whether you are using a 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buckshot or just need to attach it to your bolt action rifle, this mount will be perfect for your needs.

Height – 2.625”
Width – 0.9375”
Weight – 0.316 lbs.
Barrel Clamp – 20mm – 29mm  
Light Clamp – 23.5mm – 32.5mm 


Misc Notes:

We recommend measuring your available clearance if you're considering using the NEBO mount on your scope.  You'll need roughly 1.25" of clearance on your tube horizontally.  Vertically the height of the mount may have issues with turrets (especially extra tall or tactical turrets).  As a barrel mount it's nearly perfect in all situations from pencil AR-15 barrels all the way to bull barrel and shotguns.