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Our momentary pressure switch allows for hunters to remotely activate their SCOUT light with just a slight squeeze.  This flashlight accessory is easy to install.  Just remove your existing tail cap switch and screw the new tail cap on and you are ready to go.  Tape it to your offhand's palm position or the fore-grip of your AR-15. 

Rather than clicking the tail cap to turn it on, you can operate your flashlight through the pressure pad as you prepare to take your shot.  Stay on target as you activate your light and then take your shot.

This is our 3rd generation pressure switch (v3.0) able to remotely trigger the light via momentary switch (only when pressure is applied) AND true on/off (just like your tail cap) all from the pressure pad!

  • Installs in seconds
  • Pressure pad has true on/off as well as momentary function 
  • Coiled cable provides anywhere from 8" to nearly 24" of length to fit nearly any rifle/carbine/bow
  • Brass contact plug ensures power transfer
  • Custom made from original SCOUT Light tail-caps for a perfect fit

What's included:

  • (1) Tail-cap with attached pressure pad (OEM packaging)

Misc Notes:

Our third generation pressure switch is a testament to the feedback we receive from you - our customers.  Many of you called us and wrote emails letting us know how to improve our products and we thank you for that. 

You wanted the ability to have true on/off and momentary - we answered.  You wanted more durable skinning for the pad - we answered.  We've even switched to a sleek rigid mold for the switch.  Instead of a spring contact coil we've opted for a brass plug so connectivity issues are gone.  We've beefed up the coil cable and it's connection spots strengthening the entire package as a whole.