Built To Last

Our SCOUT Light was designed with the true outdoor-man in mind.  We wanted something that you could take out each night without worrying about the weather.  Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and abundant with o-rings this flashlight is truly element proof.  It's impervious to rain, snow, dust, dirt, mud, and sand - GUARANTEED.  

Replace Your Spotlight

We've moved past the days of big remote battery packs and over-sized halogen spotlights with red filters.  With the SCOUT Light you can toss away that heavy setup and carry a compact flashlight capable of tagging over 200 yards.  Yes - it's that powerful.  The power is in the specialized CREE LED bulb and emitter capable of delivering intense illumination.  Our light features a crack resistant clear lens regardless of which output color you choose.  

Weapon Mountable

The SCOUT Light really shines as a weapon light allowing you to hunt at night.  Through the use of our various mounts you will be able to equip your firearm making it capable of taking accurate shots from 150-200 yards.  Whether its your compound bow, your AR-15, your bolt action rifle, or even your shotgun - we have a mounting solution for you and your flashlight.

Works on Multiple Species

Whether you are hunting for feral hogs, coyotes, raccoon, or other varmints and predators our SCOUT hunting light will be sure to give you the edge you need.  Tag eyes of multiple species without spooking them at incredible distances up to 300 yards.  Once you equip your weapon system with either a red or green hunting light you'll be ready to take on nearly anything at night.

Lightweight & Compact Design

Our SCOUT lights are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum that will last a life time.  We've tested the durability of our lights and put them through multiple torture tests to prove to you that the quality is top notch.  From freezing them in a complete block of ice to 15 foot drop tests our test lights have made it through it all without a hitch.  We've even driven our trucks over them only to see them shine as bright as they first came.  An overall length of just over 6" and a total weight of just over 3 oz's you know you won't be weighing yourself or your weapon down with unnecessary weight.

You Can Forget Night Vision

If you're new to hunting at night you've probably heard that you need night vision or thermal optics to effectively hunt at night.  While both will definitely work for hunters looking to add some hours to their hunting day(s), they aren't nearly as economical as using one of our hunting SCOUT lights.  You will gain BETTER clarity with one of our lights and your basic day time optics than any Gen 1-1.5 night vision can give you.  The image will be more crisp making your target acquisition and shot placement better - all while saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when compared to night vision or thermal.  Trust the hundreds of customers who have switched to using our lights and make your next night hunt a success.

Tactical Yet Practical

For the ever growing number of outdoors men who are looking for that perfect blend of utility, function, and form to accessorize their weapons we've kept you in mind when designing our light.  The semi-aggressive assault bezel protects your light and lens from impact damage.  Our micro checkering on the body of the flashlight gives you a sure grip even when it's wet out if you chose not to mount your light.  Between the flashlight's body and head we've added heat-sinking rings to flush out heat even on those hot summer nights.  We've even made sure that the beam's focus is perfect for using in conjunction with your scope so no matter where or how you mount it you'll be sure to get a great sight picture.