I can't decide on which color to choose.  Is green or red better?

We don't believe that one is necessarily better than the other.  However, there are instances where one may suit you better.  We suggest that if you're going to be shooting shorter distance (whether limited by weapon type or caliber) we suggest red.  If longer range is a necessity then green is often better.  Some hunters may swear by one color or the other; that's why we suggest taking advantage of our no hassle color changes during your first month.

How come my flashlight came with a clear lens?

Our lights utilize special CREE LED emitters which controls color output.  Older halogen lights typically use filters to get the desired color but this drastically reduces brightness and output.  If you haven't seen just how bright our lights our you will truly be impressed.

How many hours will my flashlight work before it power downs?

The green typically lasts roughly 3.5-4 hrs on a full charge and the red will last roughly 2.5-3 hrs with our 3000mAh batteries.  

Are your flashlights really water-proof?

Our SCOUT Lights have an IP65 rating which means completely dust proof and rain proof.  Long immersion in water will kill your light.

Do you guys sell separate color LED drop-ins?

We don't currently carry separate drop-ins, but check back with us soon!