While our company is relatively new (formed at the beginning of 2011), our passion for the outdoors has been a lifetime. We started Hogzilla Lights with the intentions of combining our love of hunting & fishing with the ability to create and then offer cutting edge technology to make any hunter more successful.  Based out of Dallas, Texas, with University of Texas at Dallas alumni we understand our industry to the fullest.  

Passion Breeds Success

Just like many of you, we're addicted to the outdoors.  We feel this is the only way for our company to grow - being passionate about what we do.  Whether it's spending countless nights testing products or reading success story emails sent from our customers, we feel grateful for the jobs that we have.  This transcends into how we run our company - tailoring to our customers and striving to improve at all costs.

Together We Stand

By constantly working with outfitters, guides, and of course YOU - our customers, we are able to gain invaluable insight into what you guys want.  The only way that we can succeed as a company is if we always listen you.  Without your help we won't know how to better suit you and your thirst to become better hunters.  

Standing Behind It All

Undoubtedly, it is of the utmost importance to take care of you after the sale.  Our customer service is unparalleled - because simply put, we understand that things happen.  Give us a call or shoot us an email and we promise we'll help you the best we can.