Illuminated vs Non-Illuminated Reticles

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One of the most common questions we get is from new customers wondering if there are any advantages or disadvantages to using an illuminated reticle vs a non-illuminated reticle with one of our lights.  

We’ve tested our lights on a lot of different weapon platforms ranging from top-tier AR-15’s to budget minded hunting rifles.  We’ve even tested different optics to see if quality of glass would be a deal breaker when used with one of our SCOUT Lights.  After all of this we can confidently say that while not having an illuminated reticle won’t ruin your next night hunt you can benefit from having an illuminated reticle.  

For many hunters the illuminated reticle makes it possible to hunt during low light conditions such as dusk or dawn without further light being thrown into the equation.  For night hunters though, you stand to gain crisp reticle if its easily seen as a stark contrast.  Even if you’re using a red SCOUT light and your reticle is red when turned on there aren’t any issues.  But the contrast against one of our green lights is stark.

With a non-illuminated reticle you can still make accurate shots and you will still see your crosshair, but on darker targets especially black or dark grey hogs it can be a minor nuisance.  

Now we aren’t here to tell you to go out and buy a brand new scope if your’s doesn’t have an illuminated reticle - just use what you have.  For many hunters it can even be a distraction having a bright reticle so it’s really up to the user.  

Which reticle do you prefer and why?

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