Why You Don't Need Night Vision To Hunt At Night

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As many hunters look hunting new species and predators, some are finding themselves caught in the dark trying to hunt at night.  It’s not a new phenomena by any means, but in recent years the combination of feral hog populations exploding and pressure from humans trying to deal with it has led to the nuisance becoming nocturnal.  

Some hunters are spending several hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the newest in night vision optics, making their rifles capable of something that many thought was limited to military use only.  But we are here to show you why you don’t need night vision to hunt at night.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to try out night vision you’ll know what its capable of - and to be honest it is extremely cool.  Under the cover of darkness and even in minimum to no light situations you can see a great distance and project no visible light to your prey.  Depending on which ‘generation’ of night vision is used there’s quite a bit of difference in resolution and image quality.  

Now while night vision sounds like the newest and greatest technology out there - let’s make some comparisons between what our hunting lights can do versus night vision; and what that means to you as a hunter.

Night Vision vs. Hogzilla Lights Hunting Lights

Now if you are one of the thousands of hunters who have started using our products you already know that for a fraction of the price of night vision you get most of the advantages.


Usable Yardage


Doesn’t Spooks Prey

Gen 2 Night Vision


~250-300 Yards





~200-250 Yards



As you can see with both methods or systems you can hunt effectively at night with a good amount of distance.  When it comes to clarity it’s tough to use a scale to judge how the resolution comes out; but the best way we can explain it is there is always an innate amount of image degradation with night vision.  With our SCOUT Light you’re image quality comes down to your day-time optics.  So, just like when hunting during the day, image quality with one of our lights is still dependent on your glass.  Obviously this doesn’t affect those that are hunting with iron sites or bows.

Now there’s one thing we can’t refute that night vision trumps using a red or green hunting light, and that’s its ability to be completely stealthy.  By not projecting visible light even when you use a IR (infrared illuminator) feral hogs, coyotes, and other varmints and predators will be completely oblivious to you.

Our lights on the other hand will take a little bit of time and experience to perfecting you as a hunter taking a shot and the prey not spooking.  While we are confident in saying that by using a red or green light you’ll dramatically lessen your chances of spooking prey (read more about why these colors work) it is never a guarantee.  But as many of our customers have seen after using one of our lights the results speak for themselves.  Often times you can flip your light on and just watch your prey continue to go about his business without batting an eye to you or the shot you are about to take.  

One last point we’d like to make is the hassle of swapping out optics if you go with a night vision setup.  While not all systems require you to do this, and in fact some are designed to be used with your current day-time optics, many night vision units will be a full swap.  You’ll need to zero it in just like any other scope and for many having a dedicated weapon just for night hunts isn’t an option.  With a great selection of mounting options you can use one of our hunting lights on several different weapon platforms without having to re-zero or remove your scope.  

Deciding What Suits You Best

Regardless of which you decide to end up using to suit your needs the end goal should be the same - effectively make your hunting platform capable of making accurate shots at night.  If you are the type of hunter where you’ve got the most tricked out AR-15 and you are dying to have the latest in technology and money isn’t an issue then pony up the big bucks for a 3rd gen night vision setup or even a thermal imaging system.  However, if you can’t justify the costs of something like that then the choice is obvious.  

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What type of budget do I have to work with?

  • Am I going to be using the tools & accessories enough to justify the costs?

  • Do I need something that can be swapped between my different weapon systems?

These basic questions will often lead a hunter to decide whether or not night visions is a necessity or if they can use something else.  

Our suggestion is that if you are just getting into hunting at night or don’t have the financial means to purchase a dedicated night vision setup then hunting lights are the next best thing.  

What are your views on night vision versus using hunting lights?


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