Florida Pushes for More Public Hunting

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Hog Hunting in Florida 

As feral hog populations continue to grow at a seemingly exponential rate the problem has spread across our nation.  Florida recently adopted new regulations regarding feral hog hunting seeing the problem escalate to new highs.  Recently the Miami Herald reported the Big Cypress National Reserve is getting "closer to allowing public hunting in the 147,000-acre “addition lands” adjacent to the main preserve."  Regardless, hog hunters should rejoice as this is an opportunity to try and help regulate the rampant wild hog issue as well as gain public hunting land.  Read the article here.

 Tearing Down Hunting Misconceptions

As always there are proponents to the case of opening up the land to hunters - the stereotype of our outdoors enthusiasm often gets misconceived.  If you are Florida resident please be sure to voice your opinion to those involved and let them know how our views and beliefs are about respecting what we are able to do.  

Doing Our Part As Hunters

The amount of beneficial impact hunters have had on our nation's wildlife is constantly on the rise.  Whether its from financial contributions to organizations we believe in or doing our part as individuals in land management in the form of hunting - we do our part.  The feral hog problem isn't lessening, there's even talks of using military help to reclaim land that is being destroyed.  Luckily in some states, regulation has been open for some time.  Hog hunting in Texas in a year round open season and best of all there are very few restrictions on what can be used to hunt them.  This opens up the sport of hunting to potential new hog hunters and veterans alike to try new methods and use different weapon systems.  Of course this is all to help the state reclaim the hundreds of counties which have an overwhelming feral hog problem.

We'd love to hear back from our Florida customers.  What do you want to see happen to the hog hunting regulations in your state?

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This year (2012-13) Florida finally made it legal for hunters to use lights for hog hunting on private land. This new ruling is in line with Florida’s long-stated goal of reducing their feral hog population.

Posted by Dan on January 30, 2013

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