Wild Hog Bait: A Recipe For Success

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The thought of being able to use something as an attractant to lure wild hogs out easily and safely sounds too good to be true.  And for the most part baiting hogs isn't automatically going to guarantee that you'll be walking back to your truck with some bacon.  You always have to remember to keep a "that's why they don't call it shooting" attitude when it comes to this sport.  Regardless, baiting for hogs can increase your chances at having a successful hunt. 

Why make hog bait?

There's always different scenarios that you may encounter where knowing how to make hog bait could be beneficial.

For instance, let's say you've just arrived at a new lease and you notice typical areas where you feel hogs might congregate in.  It may be a small clearing near a water source that you're thinking of placing a feeder.  Sure you could just fill up the feeder with a corn and hope things go well or you could prepare some wild hog bait to entice them to come in for the first time before introducing them to the feeder.

Perhaps you notice a few nights out of the week a lone boar roams a hay field but never really settles in to give you a clear shot.  You may need to make some hog bait to keep him around for those extra minutes giving you an opportunity to get a good shot.

3 Characteristics of Good Hog Baits

  1. Cost Effective - If you are either choosing store bought bait or making your own it has to be relatively cheap - especially in today's economy.  
  2. A Hog's Nose Knows - If it doesn't smell like bait then it's just food.  The purpose of bait is to lure and attract something towards it.  Hogs will eat just about anything, but their love for sweet pungent smells keeps them focused in for longer.
  3. Easy to Make - We've all heard different recipes and methods for making bait but often times it's overly time consuming or ends of making a bigger mess than its worth. 

Our Hog Bait Recipe


  • 5 Gallon Bucket ($5)
  • Feed Corn ($6)
  • Fruit Drink/Kool-Aid Mix ($3)
  • Yeast ($1)


How to Make Wild Hog Bait

  1. Fill up your 5 gallon bucket with roughly 15-20 pounds of corn. 
  2. Add your drink mix and yeast
  3. Fill the bucket with water until its 1" above the corn
  4. Store in your garage for 3-5 days

Yes, it's that simple.  You could add beer, but why waste it? 




Plain Old Corn

There's no denying that hogs love your regular corn; but, in the essence of an attractant it may take time for wild hogs to find a feeder.  This is especially the case if they've already found a plentiful food source and/or water source and keep their roaming down to a minimal.  Plain corn is probably the most cost effective way of doing a feed setup for hog hunting.  Whether its a automatic tripod feeder or a pig pipe that your hunting over, corn can go a long way.  And that's where our hog bait comes into play, that sweet pungent smell will carry and hopefully that brings them to your spot.  

Using Your Hog Bait & Hog Baiting Tips

As they say in real estate: location, location, location.  As you should do with any hunt speculate the area.  Make sure you feel comfortable knowing where things are including backdrops, water sources, pathways, etc.  Be sure to make note of small things to - perhaps along fence lines where you see some worked up earth or where the wallows seem to position themselves in relation to nearby thickets.  

Spread out your hog bait to intercept these paths with the majority of it going in an area where you plan to hunt over.  Don't bother burying it as you want them to smelling and eventually tasting it.  

Setting up a couple of hours before sunset is a good idea to minimize your scent after leaving (hopefully you sprayed yourself down prior to) and give them a chance to move in.  

Depending on your feeder setup if you are using one you could use this bait directly in there.  The corn tends to stay pretty firm and will take on the smell and color of the bait and it works wonders in pig pipes.  

What do you use as bait for hog hunting?


thanks guys for all the helpfull tips hogs taking over my deer woods caught 5 the first night i set my homemade trap no hogs in area for 25 years then overnight they showed up i will fight them with a vengance so long as i live

Posted by mike on November 27, 2013

I’ve always found that taking a metal trashcan and filling it with 2 bags of corn 3 jugs of milk and a 2 lb bag of sugar and sealing it up and letting it sit in the sun for as long as you can stand the smell of it works best for trapping hogs in live pen traps. But everybody has their own recipe I guess.

Posted by Jaycob Terry on October 23, 2013

boil 30 pounds of corn with 4 pounds of brown sugar, trill a hole in the ground, diameter 4 inch, depth 2 feed and fill the hole with the corn, give them something to work on, digging is in the nature of hogs, you can try differend fillings, plums, fisch leftovers and so on, as we say in austria, waidmannsheil

Posted by Toni Montana on August 30, 2013

Good day all! I just wondered that if all of this will work in South-Afrika, I am staying in the North-West province, Potchefstroom next to the Vaalriver, seen some hog activeties but never thought of hunting them with bait, hunt them before with a caller (wild piglet destress) any advise please!

Posted by Rassie on August 11, 2013

“Not sure if its a good recipe for hogs because I had to leave to work early. But its great for attracting rattlesnakes. I had it mixed for 3 days and when I came home I found a rattlesnake within 5 yds of the bucket. I thought nothing of it. I poured out my mix the next day and went to check on it before work and yet again another rattlesnake by the mix. Just be careful guys.”

I’m betting it’s attracting small rodents as well, which are bringing in the rattlesnakes.

Her in SC, during the warm months, I keep my snake chaps in my truck.

Posted by starrfish on August 05, 2013

Hey Joe,

We aren’t sure if there’s a direct correlation between using a sweet mixture for hog bait and attracting snakes. Regardless, thanks for the heads up! As you stated we encourage all of you to be careful – snake bites are no joke.

Posted by Hogzilla Lights on July 31, 2013

Not sure if its a good recipe for hogs because I had to leave to work early. But its great for attracting rattlesnakes. I had it mixed for 3 days and when I came home I found a rattlesnake within 5 yds of the bucket. I thought nothing of it. I poured out my mix the next day and went to check on it before work and yet again another rattlesnake by the mix. Just be careful guys.

Posted by Joe on July 29, 2013

Hey Lizzy,

The bait recipe will definitely work even after weeks – as long as your nose can handle the stench. If you leave it out in the sun or your garage for weeks on end you’ll notice after a while the corn will absorb most of the moisture and turn into a really pungent neon bait. We haven’t notice the hogs not wanting to eat it – so it must still work!

Good luck and let us know how the bait works for you.

Posted by Hogzilla Lights on July 24, 2013

Does this stuff go bad if you don’t use it after the 5 days? Or how long does it keep?

Posted by Lizzy on July 21, 2013

1/2 bucket of whole corn
1 5lb bag of hog heaven
sweet cakes,pies,and fruit and especially potatoes
hot water

Pour the hog heaven hog attractant in the bucket with the corn.
Then, add the sugar fruits, sweets, and vegetables
Pour hot water approximately 6’’ from the top of the bucket.
After that let it sit in the sun and sour for at least 2-3 weeks.
When the corn is good and sour mix some more hog heaven with it.

Posted by Tyler on July 13, 2013

I mix the following concoction in a 1 gallon milk jug:
1/2 gallon hot water (hot out of the tap)
8 oz cane syrup
2 cups DARK brown sugar
6-12 oz white powdered sugar
2 oz liquid strawberry extract (spice department of grocery)
Keep refrigerated.

To 50# of cracked corn I add 1/4 gallon of diesel fuel (it keeps the racoons and deer from eating the corn).

Spread the corn out as needed, then pour 2-4 ounces of the strawberry liquid over the corn (no need for more). EVEN YOU will want to wallow in the sweet strawberry.

The strawberry can be placed into a sprayer to use as a cover scent, to create trails to lead them into your corn or in wallows to keep them in one area longer. They will want to cover themselves in this stuff! My kids LOVE THE SMELL!

Soaking a piece of carpeting in creosote or diesel fuel and nailing it to a tree or post will create an instant rub post.

You can replace the strawberry essence with apple essence and use it to lure deer during the season.

Posted by Sammy B on January 03, 2013

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